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An informational website for those injured or impacted by mesothelioma and asbestos

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Veterans' Resources: Mesothelioma Medical Centers

It has been reported that nearly one in three mesothelioma victims in the United States are military veterans. Those that served in the Navy, Army, Air Force, and other branches of the military are all at risk for a mesothelioma diagnosis in their lifetime. If you are a veteran who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you might be wondering where to seek treatment for your condition.

3 Asbestos-Related Diseases

Do you work in one of the blue collar trades listed on our website? If so, you could be at risk for developing a fatal asbestos-related disease due to exposure on the job. Throughout the twentieth century, workers have been exposed to hazardous amounts of asbestos while at work.

Keytruda: Breakthrough Therapy for Lung Cancer Patients

The FDA recently approved Keytruda, a drug created by Merck & Co., Inc., for the treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer. This accelerated approval means that access to the drug will be provided to lung cancer patients while Merck conducts confirmatory clinical trials.

Mesothelioma Doctors in the United States

In our last blog post, we covered three treatment options available for mesothelioma patients. There are even more out there, and a medical professional can help determine which one is right for you and your particular set of symptoms. Fortunately, there are mesothelioma doctors across the United States. No matter where you are located, there is help nearby.

Military Veterans at Risk for Mesothelioma

Did you know that it is estimated that thirty percent of mesothelioma victims are military veterans? Due to asbestos use throughout all branches of the United States military, many servicemen and women are at risk for a deadly diagnosis in their lifetime.

Aspirin Found to Help Fight Mesothelioma

If you are a worker at risk for asbestos exposure on the job, taking aspirin might help to prevent mesothelioma from developing within your body. Researchers recently revealed that the over-the-counter medication inhibits inflammation that occurs before mesothelioma fully forms.

Global Mesothelioma Epidemic Anticipated by Italian Researchers

While asbestos use in the United States has been slowly declining over the last few decades, other developed and developing countries around the world continue to utilize the substance in many different ways. Because of this use, Italian researchers say that mesothelioma has reached epidemic proportions in different areas of the world, mostly Europe and Oceania.