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Asbestos-Containing Products throughout the Years

With the recent finding of asbestos in four brands of children's crayons and two different toy crime lab kits, we thought this might be a perfect time to reflect on some more products that have been made with asbestos in the past.

Woman Exposed to Asbestos in Talcum Powder

Did you know that asbestos can be found in a wide variety of products, including talcum powder? The powder, which has been used for decades by individuals, can be contaminated with asbestos fibers. The prolonged use of the product can lead to fatal, asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma.

High Risk Occupation: Miners

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral within our earth, once coveted for its properties of insulation, heat and fire resistance, strength, and durability. In the 1970's the dangers of exposure to asbestos in its raw form started to become public knowledge. While workers of all kinds were exposed to asbestos, miners handled the substance in its most dangerous form.

Asbestos in Beauty Products

We talk about occupational exposure to asbestos being a big problem on our blog, but what about the exposure that happens within the home? While asbestos materials, like insulation and flooring, have been worked into homes and may not pose a threat, some of the most dangerous asbestos products might be sitting out in your bathroom at this very moment. 

BASF Facing Asbestos Cover-up Claims

For decades, asbestos companies have been fighting relentlessly against the victims of exposure in the court room. While victims and their families blame deadly asbestos fibers for their illnesses, many companies deny any wrongdoing or knowledge of the dangers of asbestos. Recently, BASF Catalysts, LLC has been accused of concealing and destroying evidence to avoid thousands of asbestos lawsuits.