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Asbestos Exposure in Mines

In Monday's post, we mentioned a few occupations at high risk for asbestos exposure on the job. One we did not mention that is mining. Miners face exposure at work mostly because asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral found within the earth. They can be exposed while mining for asbestos itself, or other substances underground.

Who is Responsible for my Asbestos Exposure?

Have you been exposed to asbestos? Many victims wonder where their exposure occurred and who is responsible for their asbestos-related diseases. In the cases of those that file lawsuits or claims, knowing who is to blame for their condition is essential information that will help them attain compensation. Let's take a look at some common culprits of asbestos exposure:

Miners at Risk for Mesothelioma

Did you know that miners are some of those most at risk for developing an asbestos-related disease, like mesothelioma, in their lifetime? Whether they were mining asbestos or another naturally-occurring mineral within the earth, asbestos exposure is not uncommon in the mining industry.

High Risk Occupation: Miners

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral within our earth, once coveted for its properties of insulation, heat and fire resistance, strength, and durability. In the 1970's the dangers of exposure to asbestos in its raw form started to become public knowledge. While workers of all kinds were exposed to asbestos, miners handled the substance in its most dangerous form.