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3 Types of Asbestos Fibers

It should be recognized that all forms of asbestos are considered to be hazardous to human health. In total, there are six types of asbestos fibers, all of which are too small to be seen by the human eye. They are smaller than a strand of human hair and can get caught within the lungs if inhaled. Once trapped in the lungs, deadly asbestos-related diseases can develop, affecting a person's respiratory system and eventually leading to death.

Fake Snow for Holidays Contained Asbestos

Did you know that literally thousands of products were made with asbestos fibers throughout the years? Many homeowners are aware that houses built before 1990 are bound to have some asbestos construction materials, used for the strength, insulating, and heat-resistant qualities of asbestos fibers. Less people are aware that chrysotile asbestos, in its natural state, was used for decorative purposes, as well.