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Is Your Employer Keeping You Safe on the Job?

Do you believe your employer is keeping you safe while you are on the job? Even though OSHA has strict rules and regulations requiring employers to keep workers safe from toxic substances like asbestos, many companies fail to do so. When this happens, workers’ compensation laws can help employees recover lost wages, expenses for medical bills, and more.




It might come as a surprise that some companies are working hard to eliminate this responsibility altogether. In states where employers are allowed to opt-out of mandated workers’ compensation plans, companies are taking full advantage of the option.

In Texas, Wal-Mart has written a workers’ compensation plan that provides no coverage for asbestos exposure. In other injury cases, it goes so far as to select the physician an employee sees and the arbitration company that hears disputes.

If you believe you are eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim following an injury or asbestos exposure at work, an experienced attorney will be able to help hold you’re your employer responsible for their actions and maximize your compensation.

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