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Asbestos Industry Covered Up Dangers of Asbestos

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2016 | Asbestos Company

It is no secret that asbestos companies have covered up the dangers of asbestos exposure for decades. To this day, the asbestos industry still defends the use of asbestos in North America and overseas. It is not currently banned in the United States.

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The substance, which is naturally occurring within our Earth, was revealed to the American public as a deadly carcinogen in the late 1970s. Even before then, the asbestos industry knew of the dangers it posed to workers and their families, yet concealed evidence of such. Workers were not warned that they were handling a deadly substance, day after day.

In a revealing Huffington Post blog post, Alex Formuzis of the Environmental Working Group Action Fund cites actual notations from various internal memos of asbestos companies:

I realize that our findings regarding Kaylo (brand of insulation) are less favorable than anticipated. However, since Kaylo is capable of producing asbestosis, it is better to discover it now in animals rather than later in industrial workers.
– Dr. Arthur J. Vorwald, director, Trudeau Foundation, November 16, 1948

If exposure to asbestos was shown to cause asbestosis in animals in 1948, why wasn’t the public made aware of the association before the late 1970s? It is chilling that, despite this early finding, industrial hundreds of thousands of workers were left to suffer exposure anyway.

“Just as certain as death and taxes . . . if you inhale asbestos dust you get asbestosis.”
– M.C.M Pollard, National Gypsum Co. Sept. 22, 1958.

My answer to the problem is: if you have enjoyed a good life while working with asbestos products why not die from it.
– E.A. Martin, Bendix Corporation, Sept. 12, 1966

In these instances, there is a complete disregard for worker and civilian safety. The memos never would have been made public if exposure victims did not attempt to hold asbestos companies accountable for their actions in court. See our list of high-risk occupations to determine if you have worked in a trade associated with asbestos exposure.

Have you been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease due to your work history? You might be entitled to compensation for your condition.

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