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Railroad Workers at Risk for Mesothelioma

Railroad workers are at serious risk for developing mesothelioma due to exposure in the workplace. Railroad companies used asbestos insulation on mains, pipes, boilers, brakes, gaskets and in the electrical and heat insulation in the walls, ceiling, and flooring of railroad cars. Workers who installed, repaired, and worked around these products and materials are likely to have come into contact with asbestos fibers while on the job.



After the death of her husband – a railroad maintenance worker — a Kansas woman filed a lawsuit against his former employer. The lawsuit states that the worker was exposed to asbestos and other toxins on the job that led to his lung cancer and eventual death. The lawsuit alleges that the exposure her husband experienced was the result of negligence and the failure of his former employer to ensure a safe working environment.

There are many blue-collar occupations that are at risk for mesothelioma and other cancers due to asbestos exposure at work. If you have worked in the railroad or another industry at risk, it is important that a medical professional is made aware of your work history and the possibility that you have been exposed to asbestos. This will ensure that they do not mistake your asbestos-related illness for another respiratory condition.


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