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Asbestos Still Poses Danger Across the United States

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Asbestos

Even though asbestos use in the United States was largely phased out in the late 1970s, individuals all over the country are still feeling the effects of exposure today. Exposure to asbestos can lead to serious diseases and cancers, including asbestosis and mesothelioma.


Asbestos is not banned in the United States and is still present in products used every day. Homeowners, construction workers, and countless other individuals risk exposure to asbestos in the home, on the job, and within public spaces. Hard floor tiles, automobile brakes, and other products are still made with the substance.

Not only is asbestos still present in products, it naturally occurs within the earth. Naturally-occurring asbestos can be found across the U.S. Those that live in areas where asbestos is present are advised to stay indoors on windy days and to not disturb dirt where asbestos may be close to the surface.

While asbestos continues to threaten the health and lives of individuals across the United States, asbestos companies are threatening their access to justice with a bill called the “FACT” (Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency) Act. After knowingly exposing innocent workers and civilians to the hazardous substance, they are proposing to make it harder for victims to seek compensation for expensive medical bills, pain and suffering, and more.

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