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Illegal Asbestos Dumping

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2015 | Asbestos Removal

Despite the known hazards, asbestos continues to be handled improperly all over the world. In countries like the United States and Canada, trained and untrained individuals disturb and dispose of materials containing the substance in dangerous and illegal ways, every day.


Recently, seventy bags of asbestos were intentionally dumped off the side of a road in Cowichan Valley, British Columbia. The improper disposal of the bags poses a hazard to the nearby community, as exposure to asbestos can lead to serious and fatal diseases like mesothelioma.

Residents are shocked that the materials were properly packaged and then dumped in such a manner. They speculate it was done “to save a few bucks on gas and dumping fees.” Asbestos removal can be expensive and it is not uncommon for teams and individuals to cut corners to save time and money at the risk of exposing innocent people.

In the United States, companies face fines from the Environmental Protection Agency if found to have illegally disposed of asbestos-containing materials. Have you witnessed or experienced illegal asbestos removal or disposal? Please share your story with us in a comment below.

Source: Cowichan Valley Citizen

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