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EFH Asbestos Claims Deadline Reminder

Next Monday is the last day that Energy Future Holdings Corporation employees, contractors, and their families can file an asbestos claim against the bankrupt company.


It is important to file a claim before the December 14 deadline, whether you have been diagnosed with or started experiencing the symptoms of an asbestos-related disease or not. After the deadline passes, individuals will be unable to file a claim for compensation, even if they are diagnosed with an illness in the future.

Those that have worked within EFH power plants and their families are at risk for exposure due to asbestos use within the plants. EFH power plants exist both in the United States and overseas. Determine if you are at risk by looking at the domestic and foreign power plants:

EFH Domestic Plant List

EFH International Plant List

The deadline passes at 5:00 pm EST, so West Coast residents must act quickly if waiting until Monday. See this website for more information on filing different types of asbestos claims against Energy Future Holdings Corp.

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