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Using Caution when Burning Outdoors

With Spring beginning, residents in rural areas are getting ready to burn their unwanted rubble from the winter months. Unfortunately, this routine maintenance can turn into a deadly situation if the individual is unaware of the laws and regulations set in place for the activity.


As we mentioned in our last blog post, a Coos Bay, Oregon, man was fined over $9,000 for burning asbestos vinyl flooring and other dangerous materials outdoors. His disregard for following the policies for outdoor burning put himself and other residents at risk for developing serious, asbestos-related diseases.

If you are planning on burning outdoors during these sunny seasons, don’t forget to check with your local fire department to ensure you have the proper permits and permissions for your burn. In California, you can see this website for more information.

Worse than any fine, is endangering your neighbors and fellow residents. Don’t put yourself at risk by adding dangerous asbestos-containing materials to your burn pile. Doing so can release asbestos fibers into the air, which can subsequently be breathed in by individuals around the burn. There are proper ways to deal with these materials, and burning is not it.

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