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April 2015 Archives

Using Caution when Burning Outdoors

With Spring beginning, residents in rural areas are getting ready to burn their unwanted rubble from the winter months. Unfortunately, this routine maintenance can turn into a deadly situation if the individual is unaware of the laws and regulations set in place for the activity.

Oregon Man Fined for Burning Asbestos-Containing Flooring

Cleaning up asbestos materials from an older home often requires the care and expertise of a professional abatement team. This is because asbestos fibers can cause fatal diseases if inhaled or ingested by an individual.

Who Really Benefits from the FACT Act?

Introduced in 2013, the deceptively-named Furthering Asbestos Claims Transparency (FACT) Act continues to make its way through Congress. While the insurers and companies that use asbestos advocate for more "transparency" in asbestos litigation, the victims of exposure are fighting for their lives and their loved ones.

Pro-Bono Construction Work Results in Asbestos Violations

It's not often that a kind-hearted gesture results in a public health hazard. In recent months, the Cottrellville Township and two companies have been cited by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for failing to get a state-certified asbestos inspection.

Construction Workers at Risk for Asbestos Exposure at Work

Did you know that construction workers are some of those most at risk for developing asbestos-related diseases? Due to the many asbestos hazards they encounter on the job, these workers are more likely to face an asbestosis, mesothelioma, or asbestos-caused lung cancer diagnosis than other blue collar workers.

Global Mesothelioma Epidemic Anticipated by Italian Researchers

While asbestos use in the United States has been slowly declining over the last few decades, other developed and developing countries around the world continue to utilize the substance in many different ways. Because of this use, Italian researchers say that mesothelioma has reached epidemic proportions in different areas of the world, mostly Europe and Oceania.

Where is Asbestos Found in Automobiles?

As we mentioned in Monday's post, older vehicles and their parts remain a substantial source for asbestos exposure among auto mechanics. Those working on vehicles need to be aware of the dangers that can come with routine maintenance and repairs.

Auto Mechanics at Risk for Asbestos Exposure

Although the use of asbestos in automobile parts has been declining over the years, it is still a significant form of exposure among auto mechanics today. While the substance is no longer used in newer friction products, including brake parts and clutches, those working on older vehicles in which asbestos might still be present face serious risks for exposure.

Philadelphia Contractor Violates Clean Air Act

Recently, a Philadelphia contractor was found guilty of violating the Clean Air Act. Not only did Anthony Biello II neglect to notify the Environmental Protection Agency and the Air Management Services in the City of Philadelphia that he was removing asbestos from a Philadelphia church in 2009, he forged documents that indicated that he received approval for the job. 

Where are People Exposed to Asbestos?

Many American citizens are unaware that asbestos is all around them. During Global Asbestos Awareness Week, we want to spread the word on where asbestos might be found, so that the public might be better equipped to handle exposure - no matter where it happens.