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Is There Asbestos in My Home?

Many homeowners worry about asbestos exposure within their homes. After hearing horror stories of exposure during remodels, renovations, and standard living, you might be wondering, "Is there asbestos in my home?"


We have devised a few simple questions you can ask yourself to determine how much danger asbestos poses to you and your family:

When was my home built?

Homes built before the 1990's still contain asbestos-containing construction materials and products, today. Roofing, floor tiles, insulation, and even wiring can contain asbestos fibers. If you are planning a remodel or renovation of an older home, hiring professionals to test for asbestos and get rid of it properly will ensure safety for everyone involved.

Are any building materials breaking down or falling apart?

If asbestos-containing material is currently in good condition and contained such that fibers cannot be released, then it may not be dangerous at this time. However, the situation should be monitored for signs of asbestos deterioration and damage. Friable asbestos can be easily crumbled, reduced to a fine powder, and then become airborne for your family to breathe in. Friable asbestos is dangerous asbestos.

Am I or a family member suffering from symptoms of asbestos-related diseases?

This one is the toughest question to ask, and hardest to answer. The symptoms of asbestos-related diseases can remain dormant for years, or even decades. Many of those diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestosis were exposed to asbestos as a child or from years of working at the same blue collar jobs, and their symptoms are often mistaken for other respiratory issues. It could be a long time before you or a family member begins to experience symptoms that could lead to diagnosis.

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My parents recently moved to a small, adorable cottage about a year ago. However, I am worried about the possibility of asbestos since the house is 90-100 years old. It's a fixer upper, but I'll express my concerns to them just in case they haven't checked it already. Thanks for sharing.

We are so glad you will share this information with your parents, Stephie. Asbestos can be found in many places within older homes -- we hope they do not run into any during their renovating. Good luck and congratulations to them!

I bought my home used, so it's pretty old. I'm pretty sure it was built some time in the 80's. I didn't realize that it could mean that there's still components of the house that used asbestos! I'll make sure I get someone who can take care of it. Thanks for the help!

Thank you for your comment, Braden. Hopefully, if there is any asbestos-containing materials or products in your home, it is minimal. A professional will be able to identify and remove it for you. Good luck!

This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that homes built before the 1990's could contain asbestos. My husband and I recently moved into an older home, and we've been making plans to renovate the kitchen. We want to be sure we do that safely, so we'll definitely look into having a professional come to inspect for asbestos. Thanks for the great post!

Thank you for your comment, Lillian! Best wishes for a safe kitchen remodel in your new home.

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