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High Risk Occupation: Insulators

Insulators are some of those most at risk for an asbestos-related disease diagnosis in their lifetime. Since asbestos-containing insulation was affordable, durable, and fire-resistant, it was used in commercial and residential buildings, boiler rooms, ships, steel mills, and other places all over the country. It was worked into pipe, block, and cement insulation extensively, and still poses hazard to workers today.

asbestos insulation in homes

Insulators worked directly with asbestos materials when cutting block and pipe covering, as well as when they mixed insulating cements. The installation, and eventually the removal of asbestos insulation products, has exposed thousands of insulators to dangerous asbestos fibers throughout the years.

Bans on asbestos-containing insulation were put into effect in the early 1970s, but companies continued to use their asbestos products until they were depleted in 1977. Today, some of those bans have been lifted, and asbestos insulation products are allowed to contain less than 1% of asbestos fibers, keeping modern workers at risk for future asbestos-related diseases.

Many insulators have won compensation for asbestos-related illnesses that followed their handling of asbestos insulation products on the job. If you are looking for more information regarding an asbestos lawsuit, see our FAQ’s page.

Cross-section of home insulation. by MBisanz via CCBY3.0

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