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Former Shipyard Worker Files Asbestos Lung Cancer Lawsuit

A former shipyard worker has filed a lawsuit in New Orleans, alleging that his lung cancer diagnosis was caused by his exposure to asbestos. Mr. Otis W. Burmaster was employed by Avondale Industries and worked in a Westwego, Louisiana shipyard from 1965-1971.

Mr. Burmaster claims his work on Coast Guard cutter ships exposed him to loose asbestos fibers that he was able to inhale.

The fibers were released from asbestos products such as insulation that was designed, manufactured, sold, and supplied by over twenty-five other asbestos companies.

The defendants are accused of:

  • withholding information about the dangers of asbestos
  • failing to provide a safe place to work, failing to provide industrial hygiene measures
  • failing to provide proper safety equipment
  • omitting critical medical and safety information about the safety and health risks associated with asbestos exposure
  • failing to timely remove asbestos hazards from the workplace
  • failing to properly supervise and monitor work areas
  • failing to provide a safe and suitable means of eliminating asbestos dust in the air

Retired and current shipyard workers and shipbuilders are some of those most at risk for developing asbestos-related diseases. We will be sure to keep you updated as this trial unfolds.


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