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3 Places to Look for Asbestos in Your Home

by | Oct 22, 2014 | Asbestos In The Home

If you are remodeling or renovating your home, you might be wondering where you will run into asbestos. Asbestos building materials and products are likely to be present in homes built before 1980 since the fibers have great strengthening and insulating properties.

It is important to understand that asbestos is most dangerous in its friable form. There is little risk in walking on asbestos floor tiles, but if they are deteriorating, the broken down particles can be inhaled and cause of the world of trouble within your respiratory system. This is where most DIY-ers run into trouble when remodeling or renovating.

Pipes, paint, and even floor tiles might be contaminated with the substance, but where exactly should you look first?

Exterior Surfaces

Just one of the places asbestos can be found within older homes is on the roof. Asbestos roof shingles were used extensively between the 1930s and 1970s in America, and many new families wish to replace them.

Interior Surfaces

Many older homes contain “popcorn” ceilings or ceilings with sprayed-on acoustical paint. Many new families work with asbestos abatement companies to remove the paint and update the home with a more modern feel.


In the 1960s asbestos floor tiles were advertised as strong, easy to clean, and attractive for family homes. While the flooring provided strength, insulation, and fire-resistance all those years ago, deteriorating tiles can quickly become a problem for modern-day homeowners.


There are many more places within older homes in which asbestos can be found. Check back to our blog often to find out more about asbestos in your home, or visit our informative web page on the subject.


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