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Indian Villagers Protest Asbestos Use in Country

by | Aug 15, 2014 | Asbestos Exposure

While government officials and Asbestos industry executives are condoning the use of asbestos in the country, villagers and other residents are fighting to eliminate deadly exposure.

In recent years, asbestos facilities and factories have been erected near small rural villages. In 2011, residents of the Vaishali village signed petitions and held protests, before dismantling an asbestos facility in progress of being built. The residents “worried that asbestos fibers could blow from the factory across their wheat, rice and potato fields and into their tiny mud-and-thatch homes.” This is a legitimate concern for developed countries, but underdeveloped nations are embracing the affordable, yet hazardous substance.

Executives and companies within the asbestos industry in India claim that asbestos is safe to handle, and believe that the substance is the solution for the development of the country. India is the number one importer of asbestos, despite the protests of Indian citizens and international medical professionals. Find out more about asbestos use in India over at the SF Gate’s website.


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