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Former Asbestos Removal Contractor Sentenced to Probation

Asbestos is a dangerous substance that can cause a world of trouble within the human respiratory system. Any exposure to asbestos fibers are dangerous, and if prolonged can lead to fatal diseases over time. It is the job of asbestos removal contractors to keep their employees and clients safe – but what happens when they knowingly put others at risk through their work?

A former asbestos removal contractor of Buffalo, NY has been sentenced to two years probation for knowingly risking the lives of those around him. Ernest Johnson was recently sentenced for his role in the clean-up effort of the Kensington Heights public housing complex in New York, a situation that has drawn some attention in the state.

An assistant to the public defender claimed that Johnson “didn’t deserve to go to jail, and suggested that the loss of his company and the immense publicity surrounding the failed project were punishment enough.” Despite Johnson and his employees knowingly breaking the law and violating EPA laws and regulations, his punishment seems much more lenient than those of similar convictions.

What do you think? What is the appropriate punishment for breaking the law and risking peoples’ lives in this manner? Share your opinion with us in a comment below!


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