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Men and Mesothelioma: Dads Exposed to Asbestos

As Father’s Day approaches this Sunday, we would like to take some time to recognize all of the dads who have been affected by mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is caused by asbestos exposure. Over 3,000 people are diagnosed with the disease every year in the United States, and most often it is our fathers who are affected.

More fathers than mothers are affected by mesothelioma because more men held blue-collar jobs than women in the past. Electricians, construction workers, pipefitters, and more are all at risk for asbestos-related diseases today as a result of their work all those years ago.

While men typically held positions that would expose them to asbestos, this did not stop the fibers from reaching women and children, as well. Many fathers would leave the factory or job site after a long day and hug their family members when they got home. Wives and children were exposed to asbestos in this way, as well as by doing the daily laundry or riding in the father’s car.

Exposure is still a problem today in many of the workplaces of modern dads, although the EPA and OSHA have worked hard to inform workers of the dangers of asbestos and keep them safe from exposure at work.

If your father has been diagnosed with or passed away from an asbestos-related disease due to exposure at work, you and your family might be eligible for compensation from those responsible for his disease. Don’t hesitate to contact an experienced asbestos attorney today.


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