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Asbestos Exposure and Union Workers

It is often the case that those diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases in the United States are retired blue-collar workers who have suffered prolonged exposure on the job. Despite the EPA and OSHA enacting multiple laws and regulations to protect these workers, many companies still fail to keep their workers safe from asbestos exposure.

From wage violations to working conditions, unions aim to protect employees from many things where regular employers fail – asbestos exposure is just one. When exposure cannot be avoided, unions often fight for the rights of their members who have been diagnosed with fatal, asbestos-related diseases.

The Unions page on our website will link you to several unions associated with high-risk occupations. Situations involving asbestos exposure on the job should be directed to your union representative, but if an asbestos-related disease has evolved, you might consider seeking legal action from an experienced asbestos attorney.

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