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Asbestos Verdict Shocks Veterans and Mesothelioma Victims

An asbestos trial can be a beautiful thing: after years–and sometimes decades–of a defendant exposing a worker to a deadly substance that shortens lives and destroys families, they would finally be held responsible for their dishonest actions.

Recently, this justice was turned upside down on itself in the courtroom. For most asbestos manufacturers, certain amounts of money have been put aside in trusts, as the number of asbestos claims is not expected to decline any time soon. This money ensures that the millions of individuals affected by asbestos exposure are compensated for their pain and suffering. In a January 2014 verdict, Judge George R. Hodges significantly decreased the estimated amount that Garlock owes thousands of exposed individuals.

Garlock’s asbestos products were used in pipes and valves in different vehicles and vessels, and have been found responsible for numerous other instances of exposure among workers.

Where many workers and their families had been previously compensated by Garlock for their asbestos-related diseases and wrongful deaths due to exposure in the workplace, on this day the judge determined that “these victims supposedly ‘abused’ Garlock by duping the company’s top-notch litigators in thousands of cases, as well as every other experienced judge in every case brought against Garlock.”

What do you think? Was Garlock the real victim in this situation? We are betting that thousands of asbestos exposure victims do not think so.


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