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Asbestos in Older School Buildings

Do you worry about your child being exposed to asbestos at school? Depending on when their school building was constructed, there is a chance that they are at risk for asbestos exposure, which could lead to fatal diseases like asbestosis and mesothelioma.


School buildings built before the early 1970s in the United States are known to be built with asbestos materials, inside and out — but where, exactly?

Floor and Ceiling Tiles

Many older generations remember the colorful tiles that adorned school buildings. These, and other ceiling tiles, were made with asbestos to strengthen the flooring and increase its durability.

Pipe Insulation

Many states with cold weather relied on asbestos insulation to make sure that the school’s piping did not completely freeze in the winter months.

Playgrounds and Parking Lots

In areas in which serpentine rock is common, asbestos-contaminated serpentine may have been used for surfacing in schoolyards and playgrounds.

There have been numerous reports of schools shutting down or temporarily closing their doors after asbestos has been discovered, leaving hundreds and thousands of children without places to learn. In worse cases, students are actually exposed to asbestos at school. Do you worry about asbestos in schools? You are not alone.

If you or your child has been exposed to asbestos at school and been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, do not hesitate to contact an experienced asbestos attorney to determine if you are eligible for compensation for your illness.

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