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$13 Million in Compensation for San Francisco Electrician

There is no doubt that asbestos exposure took place at the workplace of many American citizens. Auto mechanics, construction workers, and firefighters have all been at high risk of coming into contact with the substance in the past, and present-day electricians are also at risk for asbestos-related diseases caused by exposure on the job.

Many of these workers have been entitled to compensation for pain, suffering, loss of wages, and medical expenses after being diagnosed with deadly asbestos-related diseases. In the case of San Francisco electrician, Melvin Densin, a jury awarded $13 million for damages caused by handling asbestos at the workplace. Mr. Densin was diagnosed with mesothelioma, fatal cancer caused by decades of asbestos exposure.

In the past, asbestos was commonly found in or around an area the electrician was working. It was commonly used as a wiring insulator, as well as in the materials within the walls and ceilings in buildings where electricians worked. Today, electricians face the risk of coming into contact with the substance during routine maintenance of older homes and buildings, or during a remodel.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease due to exposure in the workplace, you might be entitled to compensation for your losses. Many mesothelioma patients are electricians who had no idea how bad asbestos was for them to be around. If you are a past or present electrician in the United States, alert your doctor to your work history and the possibility of asbestos exposure, today.


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