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An informational website for those injured or impacted by mesothelioma and asbestos

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Claire's JoJo Siwa makeup set recalled for asbestos

Claire's is recalling more asbestos-tinted products after the FDA confirmed the presence of asbestos in makeup sets including Jojo Siwa's makeup set and Beauty Plus' Global Contour Effects Palette.

One of Claire's makeup set was named after JoJo Siwa, a YouTube celebrity who is known for wearing big bows and appeared on two seasons of Dance Moms.

Asbestos Crisis Grows as Nations Create Demand

Rapidly developing nations such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China could be facing an impending health crisis soon due to the continuing production and use of asbestos.

In 2016, the aforementioned countries accounted for approximately 80% of the global asbestos consumption. The largest producer of asbestos worldwide is Russia. Russia alone produces more than half of the asbestos consumed worldwide.

EPA Wrapping up Libby Cleanup

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is deleting a portion of the Superfund site in Libby, Montana that is contaminated with asbestos. They came to the decision after performing the required cleaning activities at a former mine screening plant. The plant was used to separate vermiculite from the mined materials that also contains large amounts of asbestos.

Global Asbestos Awareness Week

April 1-7 is the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization's (ADAO) Global Asbestos Awareness Week (GAAW). The first week in April is designated to increasing awareness of asbestos and preventing exposure by bringing experts and victim to share, learn, and take action.

University of Montana Foregoing Additional Asbestos Testing

The University of Montana recently discovered asbestos in a campus building being used for a preschool. They subsequently closed the building for cleaning and asbestos abatement. Meanwhile, the preschool has been moved to another building on campus until the other can be reopened.

Libby Clinic Treating Patients with Asbestos-Related Illness, Buried in Paperwork and Lawsuits

Libby, Montana residents are familiar with asbestos and its dangers. The infamous vermiculite mine in the town is full of naturally occurring asbestos. Hundreds of Libby residents have died from diseases related to asbestos exposure and thousands more are currently suffering.