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Asbestos Removal Lab Reports Faked, Felony Conspiracy Charges Filed

A federal grand jury indicted Certified Environmental Services (CES) of Syracuse, New York, on conspiracy charges of falsifying environmental asbestos readings on completed abatement projects. In the indictment, CES and five employees were charged with a series of federal felonies, alleging that CES, accused employees and a supervisor from former asbestos abatement company Paragon Environmental Construction, conspired over the course of nearly a decade to falsify lab results used to prove that asbestos removal was done properly. 

"As alleged in the indictment, in numerous instances the company showed asbestos was removed but had been scattered and left behind," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Craig Benedict, who is handling the case.

Owners of local homes and buildings were unaware that asbestos had been left behind by from sloppy abatement work due to falsified air quality reports. Due to the false lab reports, people that lived or worked at these buildings were potentially exposed to asbestos, putting them at risk for development of asbestos cancer. EPA investigators have notified affected building owners of the asbestos problem so proper clean up could be conducted.

Paragon Environmental Construction, the former asbestos abatement company, with a supervisor named in the indictment, was fined $160,000 for violations to the Clean Air Act in November 2008. Paragon is prohibited from future projects involving asbestos removal and lost all licenses related to asbestos removal. The original article can be found here.

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