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An informational website for those injured or impacted by mesothelioma and asbestos

September 2005 Archives

Workers From Nine Vermiculite Plants Exposed to High Levels of Asbestos

Workers who processed asbestos-contaminated vermiculite shipped from a mine in Libby, Montana were exposed to high levels of asbestos at nine plants throughout the nation, according to the latest report by the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry or ASTDR (ASTDR Media Release, September 22, 2005). The plants were located in Newark, California; Honolulu, Hawaii; Wilder, Kentucky; Marysville, Ohio; Portland, Oregon; New Orleans, Louisiana; Ellwood City and New Castle, Pennsylvania; and Dallas, Texas.

S. 852 Another Bailout for Asbestos Companies and Their Investors

The $140 billion trust fund proposed by S. 852 would run out of money before it could compensate all asbestos victims, according to a newly released study by Bates White, an economic consulting firm. The report estimates that $300 billion would be needed to satisfy asbestos claims, $160 billion short of the budgeted amount. As a result, the fund would go bankrupt within three years of its creation, leaving a debt of more than $45 billion.