The Asbestos Tragedy in Ragland, Alabama

High Levels of Asbestos Diseases Connected to Capco Pipe

ANNISTON, AL — April 8, 2005 — "What's a life worth? Asbestos exposure and its connection to money, politics and power" is a poignant series in the Anniston Star that documents the lives of former employees at the Cement Asbestos Products Co. (Capco Pipe) in the small town of Ragland, Alabama. Exposure to asbestos killed many of these workers, who succumbed to the cancer mesothelioma, to asbestos lung cancer, or toasbestosis, which scars and damages the lungs.

Other residents suffer from these asbestos diseases today as a legacy of their job history. Everyone in Ragland knows a friend or relative who has been affected.

Ragland is not the only American town that has been damaged by asbestos. The series provides a nationwide map of asbestos–related deaths, and estimates that we have lost about 230,000 people to asbestos diseases from 1979 through 2001. It also finds that proposed legislation to change how we compensate asbestos victims benefits corporations but ignores the human face of the asbestos tragedy.

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